Privacy Policy for iTeenWrite

We value your privacy and would never share your details or use it to spam you. If you sign up to our site, you will receive updates of new free video tutorials for creative writing so you never miss an episode. New episodes are posted about once per week. You may occasionally receive news of new products or courses we offer. We may at times offer paid courses, more detailed courses on specific writing genres. Members will be offered discounts, however, there is no obligation to take part in these courses. Our regular free videos will still be available.

Products listed in the sidebar are either recommendations from iTeenWrite (writing books, guides, tools, etc) which we fully endorse (we have personally tried these products and find them exceptional). Our sidebar also hosts ¬†advertisements via Google Adsense — these products are affiliate links (usually pay per click) and we can not say we support every product and make no claims to have tried every product ourselves. It is also true that these companies/products do not officially support iTeenWrite. If you have any questions about products shown on our website, feel free to email charmaine@iTeenWrite and we will provide honest feedback, clarification.

You can join our site for updates with confidence we will be careful with your contact details.

As a teacher and parent, I prioritise the safety of children and teenagers in the online environment. Alway ask your parents or guardians’ permission before giving out your contact details (we only ask for a name (first name or a username is fine) and email address so we can keep you up to date and occasionally run competitions for you, but there are many sites that will request more personal information such as phone numbers or home addresses – always be careful before giving out your details).¬†

Thank you for being part of our awesome writing community.

Charmaine Clancy