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Holiday Writing Workshop for Kids!

Brisbane Writing Workshop for Kids

Friday, December 16th


Paddington Hall (Brisbane)

writing classes for kids

These workshops will share lots of shortcuts and tips to help explain, dissect and ‘get’ what good storytelling is all about. It’s also a great way for your child to meet up with other creatives and express themselves in a fun environment. Charmaine’s teen helpers will make them feel at ease right away.

Your child will be published!

That’s right, we will choose one of their creations to add to the event’s anthology. All participants will be included and the stories combined into an ebook (PDF) available for download from the iTeenWrite website! This is a great way to boost children’s confidence in writing. The eBook will be ready for download about a week after the event – all parents will be emailed when it’s ready to go (I’ll make sure it’s up in time to send out for Christmas).


  • Snacks provided (if your child has food allergies, please provide them with a suitable snack)
  • Worksheets and activities
  • Interactive games to inspire creativity
  • Writing materials provided
  • A story from each child will be scanned, edited and put into a story anthology eBook, which you and familiy and friends can download from iTeenWrite for free!


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